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Sourest Day - 2021-10-25
What is Sourest Day?
You've heard the saying "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade." On the Sourest Day, those Karens and Chads can be extra salty on Sourest Day. Just pop your earphones on, wear sunglasses, and avoid eye contact. Let them wallow in their gloom and doom mindset on this day. Sulking, frowning, table-flipping, door-slamming, and deep passive-aggressive sighs: take no notice on Sourest Day.
When is Sourest Day?
Sourest Day is the best day of the year for the grumpy goose in your house or office. Allow them to wallow in their gloomy moods on Sourest Day on October 25th each year.
History of Sourest Day
We're not sure of the origins of this day, but we can assure you that if this national day is moved it will cause tremendous sulking. Please leave Sourest Day on October 25th.
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