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Special Education Day - 2021-12-02
What is Special Education Day?
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is often referred to simply “Equal Educational Opportunities For All Children With Disabilities" and it ensures equal rights for all children from any economic background or geographic location so they can have access to an appropriate level 1-16 curriculum based upon their needs. When the IDEA was signed into law, it became a critical and necessary step on our path to making education equitable for all children. Today we celebrate these milestones that have been achieved with special needs so far while reminding ourselves of continued progress yet still ahead - there are many more ways to reach this goal!
When is Special Education Day?
National Special Education Day is celebrated every year on December 2!
History of Special Education Day
This day marks a major moment in history as we commemorate the anniversary of our country’s first federal special education law, which was signed by President Ford on December 2nd 1975.
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