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Squirrel Appreciation Day - 2022-01-21
What is Squirrel Appreciation Day?
While some may not always appreciate this nutty little rodent for stealing birdseed and terrorizing antics, squirrels play an important ecological role and are highly entertaining to watch, especially for children. There are about 200 species of squirrels in the world. Tree species in North America include oaks, maples, and willow trees. Squirrels typically live for nine years. Two to four babies are born at a time, and two litters can be produced each year. A baby squirrel is born without fur and is blind until about three months old. The squirrel is one of the most versatile animals on earth. They are just as at home in the trees as they are on the ground. Squirrels are also very smart, but they’re still wild animals, so it’s best to appreciate them from a distance.
When is Squirrel Appreciation Day?
The 21st of January each year is Squirrel Appreciation Day!
History of Squirrel Appreciation Day
Wildlife rehabilitation specialist, Christy Hargrove, founded National Squirrel Appreciation Day in Asheville, North Carolina In 2001.
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