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Talk Like a Pirate Day - 2021-09-19
What is Talk Like a Pirate Day?
Ahoy, maties! Pirates abound in movies, music and kids fairytales. History is evidence of the brazen actions of pirates. The call of the open seas, adventure, freedom, and rewards: they're irresistable. Jack Sparrow, Long John Silver, Captain Cook, and Captain Hook are some of the most famous pirates - and their language has found a way into our lives and hearts. Pirate accents are filled with "Arrrrrrr" and rolling rrrrrrr's in speech. Adding nautical terms and slang makes for a near-authentic expression: "Arrrrrrrr. Aye, aye Cap'n". You've got to add a few of those into your daily conversations and e-mails... Or, take it a step further with a limp or an eye-patch for the day.
When is Talk Like a Pirate Day?
"Ahoy, me hearties!" Today is Talk Like a Pirate DayTalk. September the 19th of each year is when you get to make your best pirate jokes - all day long.
History of Talk Like a Pirate Day
Talk Like a Pirate Day was founded in 1995 by John ("Ol' Chumbucket") Baur and Mark ("Cap'n Slappy") Summers as a day of fun and celebration of the Golden Age of Piracy and life on the High Seas.
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