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Tie One On Day - 2021-11-24
What is Tie One On Day?
The day celebrates the apron as well as women in our lives that have worn them, and it was also created with an intention to bring joy into someone else’s life while celebrating their spirit. In America, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. This year let's make it a day dedicated to giving thanks for what has been given from friends and family members who have supported us through thick and thin - even if they're not present in our lives anymore! On National Tie One On Day, go buy yourself aprons which you can then customize with messages of encouragement or motivational quotes that speak volumes about your relationship(s) during times when things were particularly tough; these will be perfect as gifts so pack some up now before supplies run out!! When planning where best to put those homemade goodies inside after wrapping them tightly around their new handmade gift wrap and give it to someone in need on Thanksgiving Eve.
When is Tie One On Day?
Celebrated throughout November and on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
History of Tie One On Day
Author, Ellyn Anne Geisel, created National Tie One on Day.
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