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Traffic Directors Day - 2021-11-02
What is Traffic Directors Day?
The National Association of Broadcasters was established November 2, 1920, as the Corporation Day holiday in honor of the hard work and dedication of professional traffic directors in broadcast media.
When is Traffic Directors Day?
Each year, Traffic Directors Day takes place on November 2nd, unless that day falls on a weekend. Then it is observed on the following Monday. National Broadcast Traffic Directors Day honors those in radio and television traffic departments.
History of Traffic Directors Day
The first commercial broadcast took place on KDKA radio out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 2, 1920. The day is also known as National Traffic Directors Day or National Traffic Professional’s Day. It honors the thousands of professional directors in broadcast media since that day who have worked behind the scenes. While you’re listening to your favorite radio broadcasts, be sure to thank a traffic director. Traffic directors make sure the show goes smoothly as it travels across the country and around the world. They use social media like Twitter and Facebook to encourage listeners to support their favorite broadcast channels.
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