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Uncle Sam Day - 2021-09-13
What is Uncle Sam Day?
The man we now know as Uncle Sam began as a meatpacker from New York, who stamped his deliveries to soldiers with a U.S. stamp. The soldiers nicknamed him Uncle Sam and the nickname spread. The very first illustration of Uncle Sam was published by Harper's Weekly in 1861. The image we know today is thought to have been drawn up by German-born illustrator Thomas Nast, and was also published by Harper's Weekly. All that said, Uncle Sam has a long and meaningful history to Americans, and he and his illustrators deserve to be celebrated for their efforts and contributions.
When is Uncle Sam Day?
Uncle Sam Day on September 13th commemorates the man behind the iconic image of a government representative pointing a finger at the viewer.
History of Uncle Sam Day
President George H. W. Bush proclaimed Uncle Sam Day to be September 13, 1989, in honor of the anniversary of the birth of Samuel Wilson.
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