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Underdog Day - 2021-12-17
What is Underdog Day?
On December 16, we celebrate National Underdog Day. We love the little guy. And we love the big guy. We love the underdog. We celebrate those who are not expected to win a competition but still give it their best. Each year, we cheer for our favorite underdogs on the third Friday in December. We love the little guy. We love the big guy. We love the underdog Sports are unpredictable, but sometimes the underdog wins. Unexpected upsets are thrilling. An underdog is a team or person that is not expected to win. Upsets are exciting because the underdog wins against all odds. Many people believe that only the strong survive. That is not true. Underdogs prove that you do not need to be strong to survive, but you need to be smart. They teach us how to use our brains to our advantage. They remind us that we can all find our way in this world. They give us the motivation to use our skills and talents in order to make a difference in this world.
When is Underdog Day?
Underdog Day is observed on December 17th!
History of Underdog Day
National Underdog Day was first observed in 1976.
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