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Valentines Day - 2022-02-14
What is Valentines Day?
Valentine's Day is named after Saint Valentine. He was a saint who died on February 14. He was murdered twice(Emperor Claudius II executed two men — both named Valentine ), by two different emperors. The Catholic Church honored him by celebrating his martyrdom. Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate romance. But the origins of this festival are actually quite dark. Valentine's Day. But not all countries observe it the way we do in North America. Different cultures have different traditions for Valentine's Day, but what they share is the importance given to love. The most popular tradition in the United States is that of lovers. We give our significant others gifts or cards, while parents and children exchange tokens of affection. Other countries focus more on the importance of family, so they give gifts to their children, parents, and grandparents.
When is Valentines Day?
Valentine's Day, is celebrated every year on 14 February.
History of Valentines Day
The story of Valentine's Day starts with a pagan festival called Lupercalia. ... In the fifth century, Pope Gelasius put a stop to the event. Shortly after, the Catholic Church declared February 14 a feast day in commemoration of Saint Valentine.
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