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World Beard Day - 2021-09-04
What is World Beard Day?
World Beard Day is held on the first Saturday of September – unlike these men that haven’t held a razor blade in ages. On this day, pay your respects to the men in your life with luxurious facial hair, from the scruffy to the well-groomed, long or shortly-trimmed fashion facial fuzz. There are around 21 styles of beard recognized around the world and they stem from centuries past – and beards won’t be going anywhere soon either. In times past, the Viking cultures believed men displayed their warrior status by the length of their beards. Throughout the ages, beards have represented a man’s ability to be, well, manly. What’s more, studies have shown that most women are more attracted to men with beards. Research also found that women who date bearded men usually do so for long-term relationships. Another poll found that bearded men are considered more handsome and intelligent than their non-bearded compatriots – said the bearded man we polled for this article. If you don’t sport a beard on World Beard Day, we’re sorry for you. Please bring your bearded colleagues, friends and family members your blessings.
When is World Beard Day?
World Beard Day is rejoiced on the first Saturday of September.
History of World Beard Day
We were unable to find the creator of this national day in our research, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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