World Emoji Day

July 17, 2021

July 17 World Emoji Day

What Is World Emoji Day?

In the dark days before emojis, there were simple emoticons made of punctuation marks. And then came along the emoji inventor, Shigetaka Kurita, a Japaneses worker of the telecom company NTT Docomo. He designed them to use on pagers to make the product more appealing to teens. The first iPhone had an emoji keyboard installed to entice Japanese users and quickly became popular among the rest of the world too. And now, we use them all day, every day, and there are over 1800 that cover a range of emotions, objects, animals, flags and so much more. You can have a look at all the emojis that have been created on

When Is World Emoji Day?

July 17th is World Emoji Day! What better time to send some fun-filled texts?

History Of World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day was created by Jeremy Burge in 2014. The date was chosen in commemoration of the iconic Apple calendar emoji which has displayed the date of July 17th since 2002.


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