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World Honey Bee Day - 2021-08-21
What is World Honey Bee Day?
World Honey Bee Day recognizes the importance of this little insect in the large fabric of nature. The honey bee is one of the most important pollinators around. Without them, many of our favourite fruits, vegetables, and flowers would not grow to the extent that we need them to, to continue the food chain in our societies. On this day we make a conscious effort to learn all we need to know about supporting the honey bee population in our area. We plant a large variety of wildflowers for the bees to get nectar and we support the local beekeepers who look after our local bees. We also try to learn more about the importance of honey bees in the chain, so that we can better understand how to support and protect them.
When is World Honey Bee Day?
The third Saturday in August is always a great day to celebrate, as we honour the honey bee!
History of World Honey Bee Day
In 2009, the Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas J. Vilsek issued a proclamation that began National Honey Bee Day. The observance then grew rapidly, becoming World Honey Bee Day and bringing awareness to the benefits and environmental needs of honey bees.
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