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World Nutella Day - 2022-02-05
What is World Nutella Day?
You’re a Nutella® lover. You spread it on your toast in the morning. You dip your fruit in it at lunch. In the evening, you eat it straight from the jar. You love Nutella® so much that you even celebrate World Nutella® Day on February 5th, coming together on social media to share recipes, stories and to savor the taste of the world’s favorite hazelnut spread. Sara Rosso invented World Nutella Day. She decided to create a day to unite the global Nutella® community. Sara wanted to inspire people to share their love for Nutella® on social media. Sara's genius idea took off like wildfire. Fans everywhere are sharing their passion for Nutella®.
When is World Nutella Day?
World Nutella Day is celebrated annually on February 5th!
History of World Nutella Day
World Nutella Day is a very special day. It was started by Sara Rosso, a blogger and Nutella fan in 2007.
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