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World Party Day - 2022-04-03
What is World Party Day?
On April 3rd, World Party Day encourages people all over the world to celebrate. Parties are a time for joy, celebration, and remembrance. The theme of the party can be anything from a bachelor/bachelorette to a birthday, retirement, anniversary, graduation, or welcome home party. Often parties are themed around food, drinks, music, games, and other festivities. At the turn of the millennium, we had to physically gather around a television and wait for a specific time to celebrate our favorite events. Now we can connect through video and the internet and celebrate those special days on our own time.
When is World Party Day?
World Party Day (P-Day) is celebrated on April 3 annually!
History of World Party Day
A book called Flight, released in 1996, has inspired millions of people around the world to unite on the same day, to celebrate life.
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