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World Smile Day - 2021-10-01
What is World Smile Day?
The smiley face emoticon is one of the most recognized emojis in the world. But do you know the fascinating history behind it? The smiley face was created in 1963 by Harvey Ball, who used the emoticon on everything from cups, t-shirts, caps, and much more. Created as a symbol of cheer and happiness, it quickly became popular worldwide. World Smile Day reminds you to smile and create happiness wherever you go. From a smile or a small act of kindness, you can change someone's entire day by just being happy around them. A smile can be infectious, so why not go around smiling at strangers, telling a joke to cheer someone up, or doing something nice for someone who needs it? You can make a cup of coffee for a friend or coworker, give a pretty lady a flower, or simply greet someone that you pass on the streets. Spread joy and happiness on World Smile Day.
When is World Smile Day?
World Smile Day is celebrated annually on October 1st.
History of World Smile Day
World Smile Day was founded in 1999 by Harvey Ball, the creator of the smiley face emoticon. After he died in 2001, the World Smile Foundation was created to honor his legacy.
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