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World Stroke Day - 2021-10-29
What is World Stroke Day?
Do you know the signs of a stroke? There are some important symptoms to note if you suspect a friend or loved one is having a stroke. Apply FAST if you suspect a stroke: F - Facial weakness A - Arm weakness S - Speech difficulty T - Time loss leads to brain loss There are scary statistics surrounding strokes. 1 in 4 people is in danger of a stroke. It is the leading cause of disability and paralysis in the world and affects 15 million people around the world every year. It is also the second leading cause of death today. World Stroke Day brings about an awareness of strokes. It is always good to know the symptoms and the potential causes so that you can change your lifestyle to prevent a stroke. This World Stroke Day, take a moment and assess health habits. Smoking, diet, exercise, and hypertension are all causes of a stroke. Act today and change your habits. Attend a talk on strokes and share your tips and stories on social media with #WorldStrokeDay. Most importantly, remember F.A.S.T. You never know when it might come in useful.
When is World Stroke Day?
People around the globe raise awareness of strokes on October 29th every year.
History of World Stroke Day
The World Stroke Congress founded this day in Vancouver in 2004.
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