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World Trick Shot Day - 2021-12-07
What is World Trick Shot Day?
In December, the Globetrotters will host a World Trick Shot Day. This is a chance for fans to show off their best shots. The Globetrotters, the inventors of trick shots, will organize this celebration. This day is all about trick shots. Every chance you get, capture your best trick shot. Show the world every twist, jump, and flip. Trick shots are not only entertaining, but they’re also inspiring. Gravity-defying feats of physics take trick shots to the next level. Be sure to share yours! If you do trick-shot videos, make sure to get support from others. They'll cheer you on and offer to film your videos. Where will be your next trick shot?
When is World Trick Shot Day?
World Trick Shot Day on the first Tuesday of December, this year it falls on December 7th!
History of World Trick Shot Day
The Globetrotters created World Trick Shot Day to give fans all around the world the court and celebrate with them all the amazing shots they too are capable of developing and performing!
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