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You’re Welcomegiving Day - 2021-11-26
What is You’re Welcomegiving Day?
In the past, when someone thanked us for kindness or service, we responded with “You’re welcome.” This tradition makes it inevitable that someone would suggest the day after Thanksgiving to remember to say, “You’re welcome.” On You’re Welcomegiving Day, say “You’re welcome” in your own way. Whether you host an event, volunteer, or help someone out, what’s your favorite way to say “You’re welcome?
When is You’re Welcomegiving Day?
You’re Welcome giving Day is celebrated right after Thanksgiving Day annually. This year it will be celebrated on November 26th.
History of You’re Welcomegiving Day
In 1977, Richard Ankli of Ann Arbor, Michigan, created You’re Welcomegiving Day in order to create a four-day weekend.
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