I have always been a happy and jovial guy. As such, I really don’t enjoy ending emails with “Regards” or “Best”. Those greetings all seem so dull and frankly – standard. Not as if you really mean it! It’s just a normal thing that goes at the end of an email. Way too stuffy for me.

That is why I started using “Happy” something – “Happy Monday”, “Happy Tuesday”, “Happy Star Wars Day”, “Happy National Chocolate Mousse Day”.

I immediately noticed that people found it engaging, especially when I used things like “Happy National Dance Like A Chicken Day”! Suddenly, I have people responding to me and wishing me “Happy National Dance Like A Chicken Day” too. Some came back and said it gave them a good chuckle.

Sometimes I use more serious days–things that I care about – “Happy National Nurses Week”, “Happy National Love A Tree Day”, or “Happy Mother’s Day”.

The thing is, it allows some of my personality to come through in my business emails – it bares a bit of my soul, shows my likes and dislikes, my sense of humor. That is why I like using dynamic greetings in my emails.

The problem is that sometimes they take quite a while to type out. Think about “Happy National Do Something Good For Your Neighbor Day”, and sending between 50 and 100 emails a day can become quite a time drag.

So, we created Happy Appi, a chrome extension that links to NationalDayDirectory.com and allows you to pre-select all the National days you like/support/find funny, and the App automatically inserts your preferences into your emails on the day! No more typing it out manually.

While we were at it, we also added the ability to insert dynamic quotes at the bottom of all your emails. Pre-select as many quotes as you want and the Happy Appi will insert them randomly in your emails. A great conversation starter!

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